Sydney Quantum Information Theory Workshop

Playlist of recorded talks

2–5 April 2024

Coogee Bay Hotel, Coogee, Sydney

This will be a small, focussed workshop bringing together leading and up-and-coming international and Australian researchers and research students in quantum information theory. The aim is to present new results (or even new research directions without results yet) with lots of time to discuss. The program will consist of a limited number of invited talks with considerable time for discussion. PhD students and postdocs are very welcome and encouraged to participate.

Talk titles and abstracts

Confirmed speakers

  • Rafael Alexander (Xanadu, Canada)
  • Laura Henderson (Queensland, Australia)
  • Seok-Hyung Lee (Sydney, Australia)
  • Sophia Lin (Chicago, USA)
  • Andrew Lucas (Boulder, USA)
  • Eric Mascot (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Georgia Nixon (Cambridge, UK)
  • Eleanor Rieffel (NASA, USA)
  • Kaavya Sahay (Yale, USA)
  • Tom Stace (AQC/Queensland, Australia)
  • Dominic Williamson (IBM, USA)


Members of EQUS and invited speakers can register for free using the link above.


The Coogee Bay Hotel is offering a discounted rate for reservations made for dates between March 31 – April 5.

Code of Conduct

The Coogee Sydney Quantum Information Theory Workshop is dedicated to providing a discrimination- and harassment-free experience for all attendees. All speakers and participants are expected to comply with the workshop Code of Conduct.