We are interested in fundamental and applied research questions at the nexus of quantum technology and nanoscale systems and devices. A central theme of our research involves the interface between quantum devices and complex control hardware need to pass information between the quantum and classical domains. Examples include custom VLSI CMOS circuits that operate below 100 milli-kelvin for controlling quantum systems at scale {1, 2} and new approaches to improve the efficiency and performance of readout transcievers for scalable quantum technologies {3, 4} A closely related area of interest is the manipulation of spin-states in nanoparticles for new imaging modalities of interest in medicine. Our work is supported by Microsoft corporation and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS).

At present we are particularly interested in the following projects:

  • Controlling and scaling semiconductor qubits using heterogeneously integrated cryo-CMOS.
  • Efficient voltage-to-current transduction to enable cryo-CMOS control of superconducting devices and circuits.
  • Quantum Hall plasmonics: amplifiers, nonreciprocal elements, transduction devices, and metamaterials.

Much of our experimental work involves milli-kelvin temperatures, weak radio and microwave frequency signals, and nanoscale quantum devices. We speak the units mK, GHz, and nm. Our laboratory leverages substantial investments by the Australian and US Governments and industry to establish leading-edge infrastructure that underpins our research in Quantum Nanoscience.

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