Dr Xanthe Croot wins a DECRA

Congratulations to Dr Xanthe Croot, who has won $449,744 in funding under the ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) scheme. The DECRA scheme provides focused research support for early-career researchers in both teaching and research, and research-only positions, and Xanthe is one of twelve academics at the University of Sydney to receive a DECRA for 2024.

Dr Xanthe Croot is a Chief Investigator for the Quantum Superconducting Circuits Laboratory (Superconducting Quantum Circuits Laboratory (SQCL), and a member of the Quantum Science Group. Her work aims to build a new class of intrinsically error-resilient quantum bits, harnessing the power of superconducting and hybrid superconducting circuits. The core goal of this research is to improve the performance of modern quantum processors, to reap the benefits of their vast computational power in real world applications like cryptography, chemistry, machine learning and finance. The outcomes of this project are expected to accelerate quantum computing efforts globally and generate critical insights into quantum circuit technology, thus expanding Australia’s capabilities in nanotechnology, superconducting quantum systems and quantum processing.