EQUS Art Exhibition 2023: Where art and science collide

On 29 June 2023, scientists and artists converged on Surry Hills’ m2 Gallery for the opening night of Emergence – an exhibiton of 34 artworks that explore the intersection between art and quantum physics. Showcasing winners and finalists from the 2022 Quantum Art Competition, Emergence brought together eminent minds and practitioners from two distinct communities – the artistic and scientific – to marvel at and discuss all things quantum and quantum art.

The exhibition “provided a different platform for EQUS researchers to engage the public about their research and opened doors for artists to explore different aspects of their practice.”

John Bartholomew | Chief Investigator and Node Director, University of Sydney

Among the attendees were artist Bori Benko, whose prize-winning entry “Emergence” was inspired by the fascinating phenomenon of the moiré interference pattern and how it relates to the overlapping of human mental, emotional and physical vibrational patterns. The runner-up, “Demon in the Machine” by Sandy Lidgett, was inspired by the artist’s background in biochemistry and experiments with the emergence of shapes dictated by other shapes around them.You can view and learn more about the 34 entries at https://equs.org/events/quantum-art-exhibition/emergence-explore-the-art

Second from left: Winner Bori Benko and herkinetic installation, “Emergence”
From left: Runner-up Sandy Lidgett, her wartercolour “Demon in the Machine” and EQUS event organisers Ben McAllister and Kristen Harley.

The winning entries will make a second appearance in Sydney later this year at another (yet to be announced) exhibition organised by EQUS. For now, they are residing at the heart of Sydney’s quantum community: the Sydney Nanoscience Hub. If you would like your shot at fame, then make sure you enter the 2023 EQUS Quantum Art Competition. Details are likely to be announced after National Science Week, so watch this space!

A special thanks to everyone who helped make the event a success: Ben McAllister, Sarah Allen, Dinethri Aluwihare, John Bartholomew, Cyril Laplane, Dominic Williamson, Tim Newman, Thomas Smith, Gargi Tyagi, Ben Field, Elisabeth Wagner & Riddhi Ghosh, and more! If you would like your shot at fame, then make sure you enter the 2023 EQUS Quantum Art Competition.