Good news: October/November round-up

As we round out the year, please join me in celebrating all the hard work, triumphs and successes of the Quantum Science Group over the October-November period. Congratulations to:-

Dr Ting Rei Tan (QCL), who was awarded a Sydney Horizon Fellowship:

Dr Sahand Mahmoodian (QTG) and collaborators, who took home the Minor Prize in the Physics Foundation Grand Challenges 2023.

Prof Michael Biercuk (QCL), who won the Leadership in Innovation award at the NSW Premier’s Prizes:

Prof Stephen Bartlett (QTG), Dr Robin Harper (QTG) and collaborators, who were awarded the IARPA Entangled Logical Qubits scheme, in collaboration with IBM Quantum.

Dr Xanthe Croot (SQCL), who was awarded a DECRA to build superconducting circuits for error-resilient quantum computers.  

Dr Xanthe Croot (SQCL), Kun Zuo (QNL), Dr Elizabeth Marcinella (QIL) and their collaborators for securing an ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant. This funding will be used to establish multi-user, fast-turn-around cryogenic characterisation facility for microwave superconducting quantum technologies.

Dr Robert Wolf (QCL), who had his CAPEX proposal funded for a helium leak detector.

Some of the Quantum Science Group's recipients of the EQUS Annual Workshop Awards.

The Quantum Science Group also took home a swathe of awards from the EQUS Annual Workshop. Congratulations to:

Dr Timothy Newman (QIL), who was awarded the Centre Citizen Award for his passion and commitment to the Centre’s culture.

Dr Christophe Valahu (QCL), whose publication on “Direct observation of geometric-phase interference in dynamics around a conical intersection” made the cover of Nature Chemistry and received world-wide media attention. In recognition of this achievement, Christophe received the EQUS Workshop’s Award for Best Contribution to Public Disclosure and a Publication Award from the Sydney Nano Institute.

Maverick Millican (QCL), whose presentation on “Optimal Preparation of Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen (EPR) States in Trapped Ions” earned him third place in the 3 Minute Thesis Competition.

Vassili Matsos (QCL), who placed equal second in the Poster Competition for “Robust and deterministic preparation of bosonic logical states in a trapped ion” and Dr Robert Wolf, who placed equal third for his poster on “Gravimetry and inertial sensing using levitated nanoparticles on a chip”