6th International Conference on Quantum Error Correction, Sydney

The Sixth International Conference on Quantum Error Correction will be hosted at Doltone House – Darling Island by the University of Sydney from 30 October to 3 November 2023.

The conference will bring together experts from academia and industry to discuss theoretical, experimental and technological research towards robust quantum computation. Topics include control, error correction and fault tolerance, and their interface with physics, computer science and technology research.

Important Dates

31 May 2023Registration opens
4 July 2023 23:59 GMTTalk and poster abstract submission deadline
15 August 2023Notification of accepted talks and posters
25 August 2023 GMTEarly Bird Registration closes
29 September 2023 GMTRegistration closes
30 October 2023, 8:50 AM AESTConference opens
31 October 2023, 5:00-7:00 PM AESTPoster session
1 November 2023, 6:30 PM AESTConference dinner
3 November, 2:30 PM AESTConference closes

More information

To contact the organising committee, email QEC23@sydney.edu.au.

Invited Talks

Our invited speakers are experimentalists and theoreticians who have made significant recent contributions to the field of quantum error correction:

  1. Edwin Barnes, Virginia Tech
  2. Nikolas Breuckmann, University of Bristol
  3. Natalie Brown, Quantinuum Ltd
  4. Rui Chao, Alibaba Group
  5. Craig Gidney, Google Quantum AI
  6. Riddhi Gupta, IBM Quantum
  7. Robin Harper, University of Sydney
  8. Charles Hill, University of New South Wales
  9. Anirudh Krishna, Stanford University
  10. Dolev Bluvstein, Harvard University
  11. Michael Newman, Google Quantum AI
  12. Shruti Puri, Yale University

Contributed Talks

Title Authors
Constant Overhead Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation in Realistic Physical Systems Qian Xu, Pablo Bonilla, Chris Pattison, Nithin Raveendran, Dolev Bluvstein, Jonathan Wurtz, Bane Vasic, Mikhail Lukin, Liang Jiang and Hengyun Zhou
Increasing error tolerance in quantum computers with dynamic bias arrangement Hector Bombin, Chris Dawson, Naomi Nickerson, Mihir Pant and Jordan Sullivan
Expander Lifted-Product Codes Pavel Panteleev and Gleb Kalachev
Experimental implementation of a fault-tolerant dual-rail qubit in 3D superconducting cavities Akshay Koottandavida, Ioannis Tsioutsios, Aikaterini Kargioti, Cassady Smith, Vidul Joshi, Wei Dai, Luigi Frunzio and Michel Devoret
Error-detectable bosonic entangling gates for fault-tolerant quantum computing Takahiro Tsunoda, James Teoh, William Kalfus, Stijn de Graaf, Benjamin Chapman, Jacob Curtis, Neel Thakur, Steven Girvin and Robert Schoelkopf
Error Corrected Universal Gate Teleportation for Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill Codes Shraddha Singh, Baptiste Royer and Steven Girvin
Improved quantum error correction with randomized compiling Aditya Jain, Pavithran Iyer Sridharan, Stephen Bartlett and Joseph Emerson
Implementing Fault-tolerant Entangling Gates on the Five-qubit Code and the Color Code Ciaran Ryan-Anderson, Natalie Brown, Michael Allman, Benjamin Arkin, Godfried Asa-Attuah, Charlie Baldwin, Jordan Berg, Justin Bohnet, Sean Braxton, Nathaniel Burdick, John Campora, Alex Chernoguzov, Jay Esposito, Bruce Evans, David Francois, John Gaebler, Thomas Gatterman, Justin Gerber, Kevin Gilmore, Daniel Gresh, Alexander Hall, Aaron Hankin, James Hostetter, Dominic Lucchetti, Karl Mayer, Jessica Myers, Brian Neyenhuis, Jessica Santiago, Jonathon Sedlacek, Thomas Skripka, Annalise Slattery, Russell Stutz, Jarrad Tait, Raanan Tobey, Grahame Vittorini, James Walker and David Hayes
Single-shot decoding of good quantum LDPC codes Shouzhen Gu, Eugene Tang, Libor Caha, Shin Ho Choe, Zhiyang He and Aleksander Kubica
A flexible framework for quantum resource estimation Michael E Beverland, Prakash Murali, Matthias Troyer, Krysta M Svore, Torsten Hoefler, Vadym Kliuchnikov, Guang Hao Low, Mathias Soeken, Aarthi Sundaram and Alexander Vaschillo
Applications of topological fault-tolerant quantum error correction in near-term devices Sascha Heußen and Markus Müller
Noise tailoring via compilation of gadgets in fault-tolerant quantum computing Stefanie Beale and Joel Wallman
Floquet codes from anyon condensation in the color code Julio Carlos Magdalena de la Fuente, Markus Kesselring, Felix Thomsen, Jens Eisert, Stephen Bartlett and Benjamin Brown
Simulating LDPC code Hamiltonians on 2d lattices Harriet Apel and Nouedyn Baspin
Homomorphic Logical Measurements Shilin Huang, Tomas Jochym-O’Connor and Theodore Yoder
Relaxing Hardware Requirements for Surface Code Circuits using Time-dynamics Matthew McEwen, Dave Bacon and Craig Gidney
A real-time, scalable, fast, and highly resource efficient QEC decoder Ben Barber, Kenton M. Barnes, Tomasz Bialas, Okan Buğdaycı, Earl T. Campbell, Neil I. Gillespie, Kauser Johar, Ram Rajan, Adam W. Richardson, Luka Skoric, Canberk Topal, Mark L. Turner and Abbas B. Ziad.
Erasure Qubits: Theory & Experiment Aleksander Kubica, Arbel Haim, Yotam Vaknin, Harry Levine, Fernando Brandao and Alex Retzker
Quantum computation from automorphism codes David Aasen, Shankar Balasubramanian, Margarita Davydova and Nathanan Tantivasadakarn
Fault-tolerant non-Clifford logical gates in a 2D topological stabilizer code Guanyu Zhu, Tomas Jochym-O’Connor, Arpit Dua and Maissam Barkeshli
Time-Efficient Constant-Space-Overhead Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation Hayata Yamasaki and Masato Koashi
Spacetime code of Clifford circuit Nicolas Delfosse and Adam Paetznick
Fault-tolerant operation of bosonic qubits with discrete-variable ancillae Qian Xu, Pei Zeng, Daohong Xu and Liang Jiang
The active-volume architecture and elliptic curve cryptography Daniel Litinski and Naomi Nickerson
Partial Syndrome Measurement for Hypergraph Product Codes Noah Berthusen and Daniel Gottesman
Constructions and performance of hyperbolic and semi-hyperbolic Floquet codes Oscar Higgott and Nikolas Breuckmann
Quantum spherical codes Shubham Jain, Joseph Iosue, Alexander Barg and Victor V. Albert
Floquet codes with a twist Tyler Ellison, Joseph Sullivan and Arpit Dua
Quantum error correction with metastable states of trapped ions using erasure conversion Mingyu Kang, Wesley C. Campbell and Kenneth R. Brown
Modular decoding: parallelizable real-time decoding for quantum computers Hector Bombin, Chris Dawson, Ye-Hua Liu, Naomi Nickerson, Fernando Pastawski and Sam Roberts

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