Quantum Science Group members among the recipients of Kickstarter funding

Please join me in congratulating Dr Christophe Valahu, Dr Tingrei Tan, Dr Tomas Navickas, Dr Robert Wolf, Dr Xanthe Croot, Dr John Bartholomew, Dr Elizabeth Marcellina and Tim Newman, who were awarded funding from the Kickstarter Program by the Sydney Nano Institute. Kickstarter projects are selected for their multidisplinary nature and for their potential to address a Grand Challenge of humanity and our environment. Among the projects to make the cut were:-

Taming nano vibrations

Chief Investigator: Dr Christophe Valahu, Dr Tingrei Tan, Dr Tomas Navickas and Professor Philip Leong

This Kickstarter aims to improve the ion traps by developing machine learning algorithms to accurately predict and compensate their instabilities. 


Chief Investigator: Dr Robert Wolf, Dr Cyril Laplane, Associate Professor Niels Quack, and Dr Alex Song

This Kickstarter aims to develop novel quantum sensors: an inertial measurement unit and gravitometer based on on-chip levitated nanoparticles in vacuum. 

Deeply learned qubits

Chief Investigators: Dr Alex Song and Dr Xanthe Croot

This Kickstarter aims to develop efficient gradient-aware algorithms for optimizing multi-mode superconducting quantum circuits. 

Nano-electromechanical quantum interfaces

Chief Investigators: Dr John Bartholomew, Associate Professor Niels Quack, Dr Elizabeth Marcellina and Tim Newman

This Kickstarter aims to fabricate next generation quantum interfaces by integrating silicon photonics with resonators containing erbium. It also aims to design nano-electromechanical actuators to tune the coupling gap between resonators and waveguides.