Sydney Uni hosts the sixth international conference on Quantum Error Correction

Group photo taken outside of the conference venue Dalton House on Darling Island

Thhe sixth International Conference on Quantum Error Correction (QEC23), organized by the Quantum Theory Group at the University of Sydney, took place from October 30 to November 3 at Doltone House, Sydney. Last held in in 2019, the highly anticipated conference brought together over 200 scholars and experts in academia and industry from across the globe to discuss developments in quantum error correction, a field of research dedicated to correcting errors in quantum computation and the development of large-scale fault-tolerant quantum computers.  

The conference featured 12 invited talks, 30 contributed talks and 100 posters covering current developments quantum error correction, including the design and implementation of novel error correcting codes, noise-tailored error correction, decoding, and benchmarking. Among the invited speakers were Edwin Barnes, Virginia Tech; Nikolas Breuckmann, University of Bristol; Natalie Brown, Quantinuum Ltd; Rui Chao, Alibaba Group; Craig Gidney, Google Quantum AI; Riddhi Gupta, IBM Quantum; Robin Harper, University of Sydney; Charles Hill, University of New South Wales; Anirudh Krishna, Stanford University; Dolev Bluvstein, Harvard University; Michael Newman, Google Quantum AI; and Shruti Puri, Yale University.

A collection of those talks can be viewed at the QEC 2023’s Youtube Channel.

  • Conference dinner

In addition to the stimulating talks, there were ample opportunities for conference attendees to collaborate and network in more informal settings – including at a poster session and a conference dinner.

A big thank you to the NSW Government and Investment NSW for their sponsorship of this event, and to members of the steering committee, local organising committee, speakers and all the many hands who made this event possible!